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About A-Bridge Corp

A-Bridge Corporation is a wholesaler that selects the best products from the North American hardwood on the east coast, guaranteeing the origin and environmental sustainability of all of our products with official certification and necessary legal documentation. By working in this way, we able to offer the best exportation process for the varied markets of our clients.

A-Bridge Corporation specializes in providing tailor-made solutions. Unlike many of our competitors we are incredibly versatile, working within non-traditional markets as well as with non-standard products. As an experienced operator, A-Bridge handles the import and export details of each destination country and is always evolving to serve our clients’ needs.

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Build With Our Customers In Mind

We are familiar with the modus operandi of small producers, who continue to grow in both number and importance in the world market. Thanks to our independence and flexibility we maintain our competitive edge, working within areas of the market untouched by big producers. A-Bridge truly believes that the road to our business’ success as well as to long-lasting business is paved with cooperation, collaboration and the active involvement of our clients.

Our Core Features:

  • High quality forest products
  • Most important North American species
  • A superior grade of hardwood lumber and logs
  • Small quantity available


Our customer and employee testimonials

I needed a logs shakedown but considering the small number of containers which needed to be moved, the risk was that the costs could nullify the purchasing advantage. A-Bridge sent a test and the job succeeded without any risk, with satisfaction and an adequate amount compared to the benefit.

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Present us your request and we assure you rapid replies and concrete proposals. When not possible, we will come up with valid alternatives. We can picture our business growing only by helping our clients in developing markets and taking calculated risks.

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